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PA System Hire – Port Macquarie


"We have two options of PA systems available for hire".

Power PA
Versatile and powerful with a 800w amplifier, feeding two speakers with 10 inputs.

“This unit has the capacity to run a standard microphone or a live band”.

Its compatible with I phones, I pads and I pods allowing you to play your own music playlists at an amplified volume.

Battery operated PA system
Our other option is also very functional and with the added benefit of being battery powered it caters for outdoor events where power is not available.

We have two of these units available for hire and they feature:

  • A built in CD player allowing you to play background music during dinner or registar signing.
  • I pod compatible.
  • Battery life of between 6 – 8hrs before recharging is required, they can also be run directly from a power source if available.

Sound will travel approximately 50m on a good day in an outdoor situation from the battery operated units, very adequate for most situations.

These systems are popular so booking is recommended call today to enquire.

You can find us at:
73 Lord Street,
Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Phone: (02) 6583 1015
Fax: (02) 6583 9966

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