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Flooring Hire-Port Macquarie


There are two styles of flooring available, both are suitable for grass and concrete surfaces

They are Bearer and Ply or Clip Lock flooring

Our selection of appealing carpets can be rolled out over the concrete alone or as an additions to one of our flooring options if required.

“Flooring is an appreciated addition by all high heel wearing women in a wedding marquee. With the addition of a selected carpet on top appearance is great and no women will lose her shoes in the soft grass again.”

The bearer and ply flooring is made up into sections and added together until desired size is achieved it can also be used to create a podium, stage or dance floor with in your marquee.

Clip lock event flooring which is a snap lock plastic flooring product, is thinner than the bearer and ply flooring and moulds to the contours of the grass surface.

“Great to create a path or under catering tables and bars”.

Please note: If you are a catering business and you intend on cooking and catering food to the public from your marquee regulations dictate that you require a floor.

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